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Inspired By Dance Company's Recreational Program offers a variety of classes for all ages and levels. 

Classes available for dancers age: 1 - Adult.

No previous dance experience is required. All levels welcome!

IBDC offers the following weekly recreational classes:

Parent & Tot (ages 1-2) Parent Participation!

Preschool Dance (ages 2 - 4) No parent participation




Hip Hop




Alumni Dance (Post Graduate)

Adult Dance (offered in 5 week sessions)

All recreational classes are offered once a week from September to June and will perform in our annual year end recital "The Line Up" in June.

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PT_01 copy_edited.jpg

This class is for our tiniest dancers aged 1-2. Instructors lead dancers and their parent/guardian in a fun filled 30 minute class. Each class consists of rhymes, rhythms, creative movement, dance exercises and play. This class is a great way to introduce little dancers to a class setting and begins to teach them to follow instruction and musical cues. Dancers must be accompanied by an adult in this class.

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PS_01 copy_edited.jpg

Welcome to dance! Preschool Dance is the perfect intro class for your new dancer. Instructors lead students aged 2-4 through a fun class that starts to build a strong foundation in each dancer. Classes are designed to build coordination, musicality, social skills, independence and creativity. This class is not parent participation.

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These fast paced classes focus on technical dance steps. Starting with a warm up and stretch and strengthening exercises, jazz classes build proper alignment and posture for turns, jumps and upbeat choreography.

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These classes focus on building a strong foundation in classical ballet training. Dancers work to build postural awareness, coordination and strong technique.

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HH_01 copy_edited.jpg

Bring your energy for these upbeat classes! Current music and energetic choreography make hip hop the perfect choice for dancers who want to move and groove.

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IMG_3603 copy_edited.jpg

Lyrical is a fluid style of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques. Lyrical choreography expresses emotion that is inspired by lyrics and music.

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Contemp_01 copy_edited.jpg

Contemporary dance combines elements of several dance forms but has no fixed or established movement patterns.Dancers work toconnect the mind and body in this expressive dance style.

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IMG_8381 copy_edited.jpg

Pointe work is a classical ballet technique that involves dancers moving on the tips of their toes in specialized dance shoes called pointe shoes. Previous ballet training is required for this class. Dancers will start this class without pointe shoes to ensure they develop the proper foot and ankle strength needed to execute proper and safe pointe technique.

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Tap dance is a high energy style of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. These classes focus on rhythm, style, musicality and technique by learning a variety of tap steps, exercises and choreography.

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Fall in love with dance again with our weekly class for graduated dancers. Stay fit, keep moving and join our community of like-minded young adults. Optional additional 30 min competition choreography class available.

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Also known as theatre or Broadway dance, Stage focuses on story telling and characterization through dance. Dancers work on establishing character and performance quality during these fun and energetic classes. No singing is required for this class.

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No experience necessary!

Adult dancers learn steps and choreography in a fun and encouraging environment. Adult classes are scheduled in 5 week sessions so it's easy to fit in with busy schedules without the long term commitment of an entire season. Adult Dance does not perform in the year end recital. 

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